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Free eLearning Course Development

600+ Free eLearning Courses
(includes free customization)

EICA Premium members not only receive free new course development services, but also have access to EICA's ever-growing library of courses developed for other EICA member companies (companies whose courses contain confidential or proprietary content can choose to exclude them from this library).  This vast eLearning course library now contains over 600 free eLearning courses many of which are specific to the energy industry! 

These courses are the result of EICA's rapid eLearning development service i.e., PowerPoints and MS Word documents sent in by electric and gas utilities and transformed into Flash-based online training that contain audio narration, interactivity, graphics, video, and tests. These free courses have a combined value of over $1,500,000!   If your company is a Premium EICA member, then these courses are all yours free including any customization required.

All courses are available in HTML, AICC, SCORM v1.2, SCORM 2004 formats and will run on any learning management system (LMS). Most new courses are developed in just 5-7 business days using our Rapid eLearning development software. EICA develops eLearning courses (conversions from PowerPoint or MS Word documents to Flash) for all energy company business units and departments including: Human Resources, Customer Service, Energy Delivery, Transmission, Fossil & Hydro Generation, Nuclear Generation, Environmental, Safety, Procurement, Dispatch, Power Marketing, Operations, Fleet Services, Metering, Engineering, etc...)

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Partial List of Free eLearning Courses
(Premium membership includes free customization of any of these courses for your company)

A Day in the Life of a Patroller
Abandon or Inactivate Gas Facilities
Accident Investigation for Supervisors
Accreditation and Systematic Approach to Training
Adult Learning Principles
Aerial Equipment Operations and Rigging
Aerial Lift Inspection & Rules
Aerial Lift Rules for Substation Specialist
Aerial Lift Safety
Affiliate Compliance
Alcohol and Drug Policy
Annual Business Ethics Training
Arc Flash
Asbestos Awareness
Atmospheric Corrosion - ACOR
Backfeed Recognition & Prevention
Backing 101
Balanced Solution Training
Barricade Refresher Training
Barricade Training
Basic Electrical Principles
Basic Electrical Terms & General Information
Basic Hazardous Waste
Basic Understanding of Risk Assessment
Big Five (Customer Service software training)
Billing and Call Center Presentation
Bird Flu Key Facts
Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Budget Billing
Building Diversity Awareness
Business Controls
Business Ethics Training
Career Track Program
Careers in Overhead Line Work
Cargo Securement
Carolinas Equal Payment Plan
Cashier Training Lesson 1
Cashier Training Lesson 2
Cashier Training Lesson 3
Cashier Training Lesson 4
Cashier Training Lesson 5
Cashier Training Lesson 6
Cashier Training Lesson 7
Cashier Training Lesson 8
Cashier Training Lesson 9
Cell Phone Procedure
Cementing Quality Evaluation - The Basics
Cementing Quality Evaluation - Theory
Changing Behavior Through Progressive Disipline
CIP Training - Regulatory Overview
Circle For Safety - Avoiding Preventable Backing Incidents
Chemical Cutter
Chemical Hygiene Orientation
Clearance and Control
Code of Business Conduct
Code of Business Conduct (Spanish)
Code of Conduct Training
Communication Skills
Communication Skills for Dispatch
Compliance Reporting Procedures
Conducting Effective Safety Meetings
Conducting Year-end Performance Appraisal
Conductor Carts Care & Safety
Confined Space
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Refresher
Confined Space Training
Connecting Flanges
Construction - Human Performance Tools
Contract Employee Safety Orientation
Contract Payment Authoization Procedures
Contractor Orientation
Contractor Orientation (lite)
Control Operator Training
Corprate Credit Card Program
Countering IEDs
Creating a Notification in SAP
Creating a Professional Development Plan
Creating an Order in SAP
Creating Online Tests - Tutorial
Customer C.A.R.E. - Telephone Skills Training
Customer C.A.R.E. (New Employee)
Critical Infrastructure Protection Training
Damage Prevention
Damage Prevention, Marking Out Facilities & Line Locating
Dangerous Situations
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving Refresher
Diversity in Action
Document Master Plan
Dominion Substance Abuse
DOT Awareness Training
DOT Refresher Training
Effective Dialogue
Electric Distribution Contaminated Construction
Electric Materials and Manuals Post Test
Electric Overview
Electrical Measurement Safety Using Fluke Meter Devices
Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety for Non Electrical Workers
Electronic Records Management Training
Emergency Action Plan
Emergency Management Orientation Program
Emergency Response - Leak Investigation Training
Emergency Response Plan
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits 2008
Employee Benefits - Management
Employee Benefits - New Hire Orientation
Employee Benefits - New Hire Orientation (2009)
Employee Benefits - Union
Employee Conduct Pt. 1
Employee Conduct Pt. 2
Employee Conduct Pt. 3
Employee Organizational Effectiveness
Employee Orientation
Employee Safety and Health (New Employee Orientation)
Employee Safety and Health
Engineering Drawing Process
Environmental Awareness
Environmental Awareness & Criminal Liability
Environmental Mitigation
Environmental Awareness - Erosion Control
Environmental Training - Conditionally Exempt Hazardous Waste Basics
Environmental Training - Emergency Response for Oil Handling, Storage, and Clean Up
EOC Coordinator Role Training Exam
Equal Payment Plan
Equalizer Annual Usage Letter Refresher
Equalizer 2008
Equipment and Protection
Ergonomics for Tool Users
Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring
Eye Safety
Fall Protection
Fall Protection Systems
Fall Protection Training
FERC Standards of Conduct
FERC Standards of Conduct Lite
Field Safety: Situational Awareness & Response Training
Field Supervisor (FEOSH) Supervisor Training
File Maintenance Training for Employees
Finance Chief
Financial Acumen Training Deck
Finding Policies & Standards Online
Fire Brigade Incident Command
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Safety Awareness
Fire Safety & Extinguisher Use
Fire Safety Training
Firing FAQs
Fit for Life
Fit for Life / It's Your Back
Fitcorp Fitness Center
Flagging Motor Vehicle Traffic
Fleet Services Overview
Foreign Material Exclusion
Formaldehyde Awareness
Forklift Operator Training
Forklift Operator Training Pretest
Gasket Management Awareness Training
General Construction Permit Authorizing Discharge of Storm Water from Construction Activities
General Environmental Training - BSC Employees
General Environmental Training - Energy Delivery
General Environmental Training - Power Generation
General Industrial Safety Training
General Safety Awareness Training - Office Personnel
General Screen
GIS Data Policy & Mapping Procedures for Electric Transmission
Genesys Soft Phone Training
Grounding Safety Procedures
A Guide to AC Power Systems - Part 1
Hand & Portable Power Toos Safety
Handling &Storage of Compressed Gases
Hazard Communication Training
Hazard Communication Training Pre-test
Hazard Recognition & Control
Hazards of Benzene
Hazardous Materials Spills, Hazardous Waste Training Program
Hazardous Waste Management Training
Hazardous Waste Manifest Training
Hazmat Training for Facilities
Health and Safety Committee
Hearing Conservation
Heart of a Leader
Heat Stress
Herbicide/Pesticide Applicator
Hexavalent Chromium
High Bill Refresher Training
High Hazard Lifts
High Performing IT Organizations
HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules
Hiring Practices
History of Power Procurement
Hold Procedure
Home Energy Check and EnergyWise
Hole Digger Orientation Training
HSSE Induction
HSSE Management System
Human Resource Management
Incentive Compensation Planning
Incident Command Process Training
Incident Command Refresher
Incident Commander Training
Increase Your Capacity to Succeed Through Mentoring
Information Security Tutorial - All Employees
Information Security Tutorial - Contractors
Information Security Tutorial - IT
Injury & Illness Protection for Supervisors
Inorganic Arsenic
Inorganic Lead
Install and Maintain Casings
Install and Maintain Pipline Markers
Insurance Training
Integration Management
Introduction to AFM (Avista Facilities Management)
Introduction to Emergency Restoration
Introduction to FERC 2008
Introduction to Leak Survey
Introduction to OPEX (Nuclear Industry Operating Experience)
Introduction to OSHA
Introduction to Primary Cementing
Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Substations
Introduction to Substations
Introduction to the Collective Bargaining Agreement
Introduction to Transmission
Introduction to Transmission: Module 1
Introduction to Transmission: Module 2
Introduction to Transmission: Module 3
Introduction to Transmission: Module 4
Introduction to Transmission: Module 5
ISO 9001: 2008 - The Basics
IT Mapping & Controls
Job Safety Analysis
Job Safety Briefing
Job Safety Briefing / Tailboard Training
Labor Relations Training
Ladder and Stairway Safety
Ladder Safety
Legal Aspects of Interviewing
Legal Aspects of Supervision
Line Locating and Marking
Line and Service Technician Criterion Test
Local Operations
Lockout / Tagout
Logistics Chief 
Loss Prevention
Lotus Notes 8.0
Lotus Notes 8.5
Lotus Notes 8.5 - Knowledge Check Quiz: All Users
Lotus Notes 8.5 - Knowledge Check Quiz: Change Advocates & Power Users
LRC Training Exam
Machine & Equipment Safety
Maintaining A Respectful Work Environment
Managing Represented Employees Training
Manhole/Vault Rescue
Many Talents, Many Cultures, One Energized Team
Map Orientation
Marine Drug & Alcohol EAP Training
Market Based Rate Policy
Material Handling
Materials of Trade (MOT)
MAXCOM Overview
Medical Leaves of Absence
Medical Leaves of Absence - Union
Mentoring for Engineers
Mobile Data Terminals - Course 1
Mobile Data Terminals - Course 2
Mobile Data Terminals - Course 3
Mobile Data Terminals - Course 4
Monitoring Pipeline Pressure
Moving Into Supervision
Moving Into Supervision & Leadership
MRTU - Market Design & Analysis
MRTU - Operations Workshop
MRTU - Overview
MRTU - Planning & Forecasting
MRTU - Risk Management
MRTU - Settlements Business Process Workshop
MRTU - Trading Workshop
Natural Gas Overview
NERC CIP Training - 2012
NERC CIP Inplications for Projects Training
NERC CIP Management Training
NERC CIP Training
NERC Compliance Training 101
NERC 2008 Cyber Security - Generation
NERC 2008 Cyber Security - Grid
NERC 2009 Cyber Security
NERC 2009 Cyber Security Exam
NERC Cyber Security Annual Training (Spanish)
NERC Cyber Security Awareness Training (Spanish)
NERC Electric Reliability Standards Overview
NERC Reliability Standards Overview
New Employee Orientation
Non-Energy Revenue Reporting
Non-Public Customer Information Protection
Notes, Profiles, & BA-SA-Listing
Nuclear Power Emergency Preparedness
OAT Standards of Conduct 2008
OATP Knowledge Check
Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) Training - Module #1
Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) Training - Module #2
Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) Training - Module #3
Operations Chief 
Odorization - Adjusting Odorizers
Odorization Maintenance
Office FEOSH
OGE and the Electric Utility Industry
On the Job Training
Open Access Transmission - Standards of Conduct
Open Access Transmission - Standards of Conduct 2007
Operations Analyst: Customer Service Center
Operations Analyst: Delivery Construction
Operations Analyst: Delivery Reliability
Operations Analyst: Distribution Forestry
Operations Analyst: Local Operations
Operations Analyst: System Maintenance
Path of Power
Patroling Gas Pipelines
PCB Module 1 - Leak/Spill Discovery & Verification
PCB Module 2 - Leak/Spill Discovery & Verification
Pendant Crane Safety
Performance Appraisal of Employees
Performance Management
Performance Management: Entering Goals
Performance Management: Evaluating Performance
Performance Management: Introduction
Performance Management: Reviewer's Supervisor Approval/Disapproval Annual
Performance Management: Submitting a Year-end Appraissal
Performance Management: Summary Screen
Performance Management: Tracking Results
Personal Fall Protection Training
Personal Performance
Pipe Bends Training
Pipe Joining - Test
Pipeline Patrol
Plan Jobs Safely
Planning Chief 
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy 2007
Portable Fire Extinguisher Training
PPE and Tool Use
PPE - Patroller (Gas)
PRA Applications
Presure Testing
Price Forecasting
Pro-Clarity Training
Procurement Management
Progressing Cavity Pump
Project Web Access User Training
Proper Entry of Substations
Proper Firefighting Techniques - Test
Protective Device Coordination and Transformer Loading Review
Qualified Employee Training (1910.269)
Qualified Employees
Quality Management System
Quality Orientation: Corrective Action Program
Quality Orientation: Fitness for Duty
Quality Orientation: FME
Quality Orientation: Nuclear Safety
Quality Orientation: Quality Program
Quality Orientation: Safety Conscious Work Environment
Radically Simple Client Service
Radiation Boundrary
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
RCRA Training Part 1
RCRA Training Part 2
RCRA Training Part 3
RCRA Training Part 4
RCRA Training Part 5
RCRA Training Part 6
RCRA Training Part 7
RCRA Training Part 8
RCRA Training Part 9
Real Estate
Recognizing & Reporting Weather and Outside Force (WOF) Threats
Recognising Unsafe Meter Sets
Records Coordinator Training
Records Management Refresher 2008
Records Management & Retention Training
Refractory Ceramic Fibers
Regional ERM Role Training 2009 Exam
Regulated Medical Waste
Reliability Central
Reliability Compliance
Resource Management
Responsible Driving
Respectful Work Environment
Respiratory Protection (Non-Nuclear)
Rest Breaks & Meal Periods
Restraint of Portable Equipment (ROPE)
Risk Management
Sabotage Reporting
Safe Cards
Safety Coaching Visits
Safety and Health for Office Personnel
Safety Conscious Work Environment (2008)
Safety Glasses - Eye Safety Training
Safety Inspections
Salary Planning Walkthrough
Scaffold Training
Scope Management
Self-Assessment Team Member
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Site Manager Training (2009)
Site Specific Training: General Employee Training
Site Specific Training: Radiation Worker Training
Site Specific Training: Salem/Hope Creek
Six Sigma Financial Analyst Training
Smoking Policy
2008 SOC Assessment
2008 SOC Training - Contractors
2008 SOC Training - Employees
Social Securtiy Searches
SPCC Annual Training
SPCC Training
Standards of Conduct: FERC 2007
Storm Patrol
Structured Spare Parts List (SSPL)
Substation Awareness Training
Substation & Electrical Hazard Awareness
Substation Entry
Substation Entry Awareness
Substation Safety/Fundamental Instructions
Substations: SPCC Training
Supervisor Training Series - Module 1 - Communicating Effectively
Supervisor Training Series - Module 2 - Communicating for Performance Success
The Supervisor/Union Stewardship Relationship
Supervisors as Environmental Leaders
Supervisory Safety Orientation
Suspicious Mail & Package Identification & Handling
Sustainable Acqusition
Switch Before Fix (SBF) Test
System Maintenance
Tailgate Briefing Refresher Training
Technical Human Performance
Telephone Etiquette
Time of Use Service Plan
Trenching & Excavation
Turbine Water Induction Detection & Prevention
Underground Distribution Components
Underground Switches
Understanding the Boundaries - Fundamentals of Employment Law
Unescorted FPG Access
Used Oil Management
Utility Pruning
Vault Maintenance
Warehouse Orientation
What a Supervisor Does - Part 1
What a Supervisor Does - Part 2
Winter Refresher Rules
Work Management System Jobs (WMS software program)
Work Requests
Workplace Inspection
Workplace Violence

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